Monday, January 3, 2011

Doris' Ark

Last week the Maritimes suffered a spectacular storm surge with very high tides, a strong Nor'Easter, plenty of rain.  The swelled ocean caused much coastal erosion and damage in numerous places.  Our home, though near the ocean, sits quite high on a cape and was spared any water damage, just a few roof shingles gone - nothing much to worry about.  But the access road did get breached with the tides flowing over, rendering it impossible to pass for several hours.  We couldn't make it home after work, so we ended up sleeping in a nearby hotel that night.  And so, I thought to "build an ark", my tool being paper and watercolour!  :)  So here's my version of an abstract "ark" to weather the storm. 
Doris' Ark - 12" x 19"


Fish said...

Super painting - different from your usual style! Very nice! It reminds me of the legend of the Flying Dutchman!

Doris said...

Thanks, Patricia! In retrospect, I realize that I would put more deep blues in the distance (right corner) and switch the swatches on the boat to have the front piece the darkest, feeling "closer" to us, more "out of the darkness of the storm" ... design, design ... such a difficult task!