Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Paint what's around you?

Hi everyone!  Here we are, mid June, and I really haven't painted very much this year.  A couple of tiny art cards, a couple of abstract blooms, and this.  They say:  "Paint what you love.  Paint what you know.  Paint what's around you."
So I did.  At my painting table, I looked to see what was around me.  My small travel palette.  Brushes.  The curtain.  A spray bottle.  So I sketched and painted what was around me.
Hope you like it.


Nora MacPhail said...

Lovely painting!
Do you know about the Daily Paintworks paint challenges? Every Saturday they post a new painting idea and everyone can post at their site! They get a lot of traffic. They did a "Paint what you paint with" challenge that this painting would be perfect for! You can still add it.
When you have a moment, check out my art blog!
Happy Painting.

Dorice said...

Hi Nora! Thanks for the nice comment and for the link in Daily Paintworks. I don't think I know of that site. I'll be visiting your blog too!

Anonymous said...

Hi Dorice Thanks for visiting my blog, I cannot believe this you are a watercolor Artist!
I love to paint in watercolor, believe it or not mine would be more non structured wet in web free form, I am a traditionalist in basketry and chair caning, however I don't want anything structured when I do watercolors. I guess it is a creative release for me not to be traditional in this area.

Dorice Watercolours said...

HBS1991, hi!
I've meant to respond long before this. Love your blog as well, your recipes, very nice ...
Thank you for your comment, and I enjoy visiting your site and receiving the updates! Keep doing what you're doing.