Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Double poppies

I have fallen in love with my double poppies.  So much so that they have inspired me to paint them in full-sheet format.  I am compelled to paint a few more before I have expired their inspiration.  Do you like them?

These poppies are annual but they lovingly persist by reseeding themselves and reappearing in my gardens the next year.  And their numbers grow.  They are flexible and willing to grow anywhere, even between patio stones.

This year I have been giving seeds to requesters - spread the beauty is a good way to improve the world, don't you agree?

As winter comes, with the hopes that it will not be as heavy with snow as the last, I expect that my beautiful photographs of this summer's crop will inspire me again to paint their glory, allowing me to dream of next year's show.

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