Thursday, March 21, 2013

Five Sunflowers

Five Sunflowers (14" x 21" - Arches 300 lb)

This is my latest, five sunflowers on a tabletop, the background being a brightly sunlit window covered with a white sheer blind, gentle pastel blooms in the fabric.  So the light comes from every direction, from behind, from the lighting in the room at the front.  A winter month project, in anticipation of the coming spring and summer.

I am happy that this composition is from my own set up vase of sunflowers, and also that I sketched freehand, modified the forms, made the composition taller than it really was.  I've really made this one my own.

I first did a study which I am beginning to feel is very helpful for optimum observation of the nuances that make up what we see.  Observation is key.  It's really what delights, when we take time, really take time to observe something, relax and meditate on something.  This is when you begin to see the various nuances, shadows, light, small magical details, warm colours, cool colours.


Marcheta Gibson said...

Very lovely and informative, Doris!

You ROCK!!

Dorice said...

Thank you, Marcheta!!