Sunday, February 1, 2009


Recently I was asked by a lifelong friend, Claudette, to paint her brother and mother's puppy, Teddy. This would be my first puppy portrait.

I'm very happy with how the little guy turned out! He came to life for me ... one little eye begun, halfway done, a bit on the nose, more on the eye, the right ear, start the left eye, more layers on the nose, more details on the right eye, more details on the nose, more left eye, left ear, more depth in first ear, etc., ... the whole time he is peeking up at me! I'm going to miss the little guy!

Hope you enjoy him as much as I did. I'll deliver him to his family this week hopefully!




John Salmon said...

Super painting of Teddy Dorice. You have shewn great restraint in the white area of the fur. It's all too easy to go and fiddle about in areas like that and mess things up. Nice blog. I'll be checking in from time to time. Regards.

Dorice Watercolours said...

Hey John, I appreciate the comment that only another artist could discern. As you can see from my other works, I'm not very good at "restraint" ... LOL

Regards to you. I've got to take some time to look at your very nice blog!