Monday, December 15, 2008

Aubergine and Squash Blooms
From my garden this fall, 2008. Quite bold and rustic looking.
It was the first time I planted eggplant. The plant was gorgeous, with lush blue-green leaves. I thought there were no aubergines at all under those beautiful and plentiful leaves and I attributed this lack of success on account of a growing season. But when I pulled the plants to clean up the garden in the fall, I was rewarded with several small, deep purple eggplants! There were also some late blooming squash buds. I stuffed the squash blooms with soft cheese and cooked them in a lovely olive oil and some freshly crushed garlic cloves, and roasted the eggplant. All this got incorporated into a pasta dish ... Drizzled fresh olive oil on top before eating, topped with some fresh herbs from the garden ... Life is good ... Dorice
Aubergine and Squash Blooms 13" x 19" on Arches 300 lb


Angela said...

This is wonderful! Love these colors together and especially love that eggplant to the front left.
The brown spot (slice?) on the other is somewhat distracting to me - but overall I think this is just a fantastic painting!

I really miss summer!

Sheila E. said...

This looks so realistic, great job!