Sunday, October 10, 2010

A Ladybug Christmas

We're at it again.  Yep.
 A second ladybugs book.
This time, it's Christmas!
Here is a preview of what's to come!



Anonymous said...

Oh these are WONDERFUL Doris! They must take a lot of work and you have to get it just right for a book. Congratulations. I particularly like the sled one. Very festive!

Doris said...

Thanks, Peggy! I'm having so much fun with these ladybugs. It's been an unexpected adventure to be asked to illustrate these books. Thus far I've been simply "patiently learning" how to paint and have many travels to undertake to achieve the level I wish there. But generally I paint from a chosen image. These ladybugs have to be conceived from the mind according to the story and it's been a real challenge, an eye opener, and a growth experience for me for which I am so grateful. I'm hoping it will help me loosen in my attempts at serious painting.
Thanks for dropping by! I appreciate it.

Fish said...

Doris, your little ladybugs are evolving! They are exuding so much personality - how fun:) Great job!

Doris said...

Hey Patricia, hehehe ... guess you haven'T seen them picking fiddleheads and on the beach in their bikinis, or planting a flower a garden in their coveralls!! LOL

Fish said...

No, I haven't seen them capering in their bikinis, but I can surely imagine them hang-gliding on dandelion seeds as the wind wafts through the garden:)