Saturday, February 13, 2010

Heart of My Heart

Hi everyone,

This is my Valentines painting which I'll call Heart of My Heart.  My valentine for my wonderful husband Bob who is, indeed, the "heart of my heart".  An attempt at abstract/contemporary, playing with colours and layers.  Hope you enjoy it!

Heart of My Heart
Arches 11" x 13"


Depression said...

Very nice, great depth. I also love the sunflowers you did, they are so beautiful. I love flowers. I never really got the hang of watercolors, I haven't tried for a while.
The picture of callie is wonderful, shows the personality of the cat. (we have 8 - 1 we are babysitting while my daughter is in college) I do love your style.

Patty said...

Dorice, this is beautiful...romantic and whimsical!
Love it, have a happy valentine's day!

Doris said...

Thank you! And a happy Valentines Day to both of you.

Angela said...

I love it - I have a feeling that we appreciate the same things in life! :)

You should come on over to my blog and pick up your Sunshine award and see what I wrote about your blog.

Dorice Watercolours said...

Angela, I do too, think we appreciate much the same things. Thank you! I went to your site and read my "award" ... how very generous! I'm not sure how to "accept" this yet. Have to figure this out! LOL